Watch Joseline Hernandez Reveals She Quits ‘Love And Hiphop Atlanta’ Season 6 Episode 18 (Reunion Part 2).

On July the 4th, Joseline went on a rant and claim Mona owes her some money.

Joseline  said…

So I am just looking at this Love and Hip Hop trailer… So y’all made me look like this crazy person, like everything that went on wasn’t a cause of Mona Scott Young.

Mona, lets just keep it real. I quit the show, and now you wanna run back these plays that I did 3 years ago. Whatcha tryna downplay me for?

I mean, it’s been 3-4 years since I got into a fight on Love and Hip Hop. I’m a mother. Why would you even try to play those videos that happened for years ago?

You mad because you owe me money… And you on some bull****. You owe me money. The network owe me money.

Now you wanna do all that s*** since I quit… Make me look like a crazy person and your producers don’t make people fight? You f***ed up Kirk and Rasheeda’s life with this f***in b****.

Joseline  quit the show like a true “G”!

Tonight,  Joseline told her man Steebie she quit the reunion and the damn show.

All of this went down on part 2 of the ‘LHHATL’ reunion.

I will post the full reunion shortly.

Until then quench your thirst with these clips on the gram.

Click Here  or Here to watch.


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