50 Cent No Longer Working With EFFEN Vodka.

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Update.. 50 post this on the gram.

  • 50centI got the bag 💰, EFFEN Vodka Can you say 60M’s 💵💸since they like counting my money DO THE MATH. Lol

If you missed the previous story click Here and Here to read.

Back in May 2016, The Brand speaks out about 50 Cent’s unruly behavior with Allhiphop.com.

The liquor company, which 50 Cent is a minority share holder in, attempted to separate itself from the rapper’s actions in the statement. “EFFEN is a brand that considers social responsibility the highest priorities; and 50 Cent’s recent actions are in no way representative of EFFEN Vodka or our brand values,” said a rep for the company this week. “We are taking this situation extremely seriously and have communicated our profound disappointment to 50 Cent directly.”

Well…. 50 Cent won’t be repping EFFEN Vodka  brand anymore.

According to reports, The Breakfast Club says 50 Cent has sold his minority share and is no longer a spokesperson for the company. He allegedly scored $60 million out of the business move. Overall it was obviously a nice investment by 50, who definitely made off with a healthy profit.

He’s been hard at work with other projects, such as the TV show “Power” in which he plays a character by the name of “Kanan.” He’s also reportedly creating new music in the studio, due for release before the end of 2017. Keep your eyes out for new 50!


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