Meek Mill Gives An Update Status On Tour And Addresses Safaree Incident At More On STREETZ 94.5


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Meek Mill does a recent interview on  STREETZ 94.5 talks about Safaree and the new tour.

Let’s go!!!

What Meek has to say about Safaree (1:19 mark):

I was looking like man what’s going on. You know what I mean. … Yeah I don’t be worrying about these dudes. Man, I never get it confused. Man, people be talking on this internet… a lot of stuff be going on this internet and in real life. You always got to remember in real life. It’s always real life. Stay out of the dudes way and get straight to the money and keep it moving…. I ain’t got no problem with nobody.

Next.. Meek gives an update status on his tour.

At the 8:35 mark, “We postponed the tour. The tour is on the way.. we restructure some things to make sure everything is right. I wanted my album to be put out before tour..


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