Wendy Williams Reacts To R. Kelly Recent Scandal Reveals She’s No Longer A Fan/ R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Blasts Father for Embarrassing Her.


Wendy Williams recaps the entire R. Kelly drama so far this week and says she’s no longer an R.Kelly Fan in the hot topics section on the show.

On the show Wendy recaps the entire R. Kelly around the 3:00 mark.

At the 6:30 mark, Wendy says, “Well I know what I saw when the secret underground on the VHS tape.. was rushed to me at my radio studio. when I got off the air. From Chicago with a guy from Chicago.  This was back when people rode limousine and the partition. We rode around Manhattan  me and my husband, some dudes from Chicago. VHS working in back of the limo . I know what I saw. And, I know what I think. And, I know who I’m no longer a fan of and can’t stand ……….”

In similar news, Joycelyn Savage – the woman whose father claims she’s being held captive in an R. Kelly run “cult” — has a direct message for her fam — SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

In a video obtained by TMZ, Joycelyn slams her father, Tim Savage, for going to the media with his allegations. She reiterates she’s happy where she is, and also strongly hints her father knows more than he’s letting on … regarding her relationship with Kelly.

Joycelyn insists her dad is embarrassing her, and she can’t believe he’s taken things this far. Although, she’s outdoors in this video she still won’t give up her location — she says for “safety reasons.”

Watch here


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