50 Cent’s Stan Insists He’s The Rapper Son And Things Went Left.

Image result for 50 cent 2017  june power

50 Cent’s stan took think a whole another level….

A 50 Cent’s stan who is damn near 40 claim 50 Cent is his father and made a pure ass out himself at the event.

According to NYDN reports,  50 Cent and his entourage arrived at Club Lust around 1 a.m. on Sunday and were whisked in through a back door after noticing a crowd outside the main entrance. Everything was fine as the group made their way to a private bar in the back of the joint, where fans, including a “Haitian guy in his early to mid-40s,” who’d been waiting for Fitty since 8 p.m. on Saturday, pleaded to be photographed with the birthday boy. “This guy said he flew in from Haiti because he wanted to meet 50 to take a picture with him,” says one club insider. We’re told that 50 Cent was amused by the guy and agreed to a photo — then the fan dropped to his knees clinging to the rapper’s legs.

“He was like a pit bull,” laughs our source. “He wouldn’t let go.”

Just before 3 a.m., club operators surprised 50 Cent with a birthday cake, which he jumped onto the stage to accept. But out of nowhere, the Haitian guy came charging forward, screaming repeatedly, “Fifty is my father!” before again being restrained by security.


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