NBC Slapped With A Lawsuit Because A Woman Fell On ‘The Steve Harvey Show’.

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A woman is seeking legal action against the network.

According to reports, A woman who attended a taping of “The Steve Harvey Show” as a member of the live audience has sued NBC, claiming she fell from a stairway aisle because it failed to install full-length hand rails in its studio.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Sandra Munoz says she fell to the ground from the stairway after attending a Feb. 17, 2016, taping of Harvey’s daytime television show at the NBC Tower in Chicago.

  • She says she was assigned a seat in an elevated area and that the producers created a “dangerous condition” and “unreasonable risk of harm” by failing to install full-length handrails. She also claims no staff warned her that the stair aisle was unsafe, or supervised audience members as they came to and from the studio.

Munoz seeks $50,000 in damages on a claim of negligence, to cover “lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability,


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