Touré Talks About The Throwback R. Kelly Interview: R. Kelly Stunned Me When I Asked About Teenage Girls.

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Back in 2008, In R. Kelly’s  first interview since being acquitted of child pornography charges… R. Kelly dismissed allegations that he ever preyed on young girls, telling BET child pornography charges. The verdict ended a six-year saga that began when a videotape surfaced of a man looking like Kelly having sex with a girl believed to be as young as 13. Kelly denied he was the man in the videotape, and the girl in the video never testified.”


Touré react to R. Kelly recent scandal and talks about his interview with the singer.

I was one of the first interviewers to confront R. Kelly over his sexual predilections. How can this man still be out there and free to take advantage of women?

As soon as I heard that R. Kelly was going to talk to me, I know it was a huge opportunity to get after the truth. And I think the tool to get it was chosen at the last second; one of the questions I asked R. Kelly was, “Do you like *underage* girls?” and as soon as I asked it, before Kelly could speak, his crisis manager, a stern and serious man in a stuffy suit, jumped up and yelled, “No, you can’t ask that!” He filled the air with noise to halt the production and let Kelly breathe. But Kelly stopped him. No, he said, I want to answer this. So the crisis manager sat down. But this time I didn’t ask “Do you like *underage* girls?” At the last second I changed it to say; “Do you like *teenage* girls?

After years of reflection I think he may have been trying to get me to accept talking just about “underage,” which he would define as under 13 and say no, but I insisted on discussing all teenagers, a wider group for which he could barely hide his affinity. I had to keep going, this was the crucial moment. What do I mean by teenage? I said, “Girls who are teenagers.”

He said, “Well, I have some 19-year-old friends.” Wow. I felt like he was laughing at us all. That he was the cat with the canary in his mouth saying ‘I’ve never eaten bird in my entire life!’ Meanwhile, he’s snickering at all of us as if he just can’t be caught.

From there the interview went downhill as things grew increasingly tense. I tried to ask him about his nickname the Pied Piper if he would stop using it but he refused to see any connection. Late in our 40 or so minutes together I asked if he could tell his fans that this would never happen again. I meant his child pornography trial. He knew that. But he looked at me disdainfully and said, “Oh I can promise you this interview will never happen again.” I don’t recall how the interview ended—he didn’t storm off but I can tell you it wasn’t a warm goodbye.

The interview aired on BET once because as soon as Kelly’s team saw it they demanded that it never be shown again. But that one airing set the world on fire. It’s crazy to have Aziz Ansari do a bit where he’s talking about R. Kelly and you.


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