Columbus Short Talks About His Drug Addiction, ‘Scandal’ On ‘The ‘Wendy Williams Show’.

Image result for columbus short wendy williams

For the first time Columbus  Short shares details on what happen to get him kicked off from ‘Scandal’…

Brief cliff notes..

  • At the 1:31 mark. Columbus Short explains what happen when he was kicked off from the hit show. Columbus says, “I was was in a very, very toxic relationship. (means his 9 year marriage to Tanee) 
  • Columbus says he was abusive alcohol and drugs at the 2:52 mark.  He denies ever abusing a woman maybe with his words.
  • Columbus talks about the drama with his personal life led to him being fired from the show.  Says the people on the show had his back and offer to send him to rehab. Columbus says he went to rehab.  Columbus says when he made headlines for the wrong reasons. Wendy butts in “When you are on Hot Topics”. Columbus explains “That’s when you are getting a phone call from Disney. Starts at the 5:10 mark.
  • At the 7:09 mark, Columbus reveals  he hasn’t seen his daughter in three years.

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