Deja Vu… R. Kelly Recent Cult Scandal Is Similar To What Allegedly Happen to Drea Kelly/ Keyshia Cole Reacts To R. Kelly Sex Cult Allegations With HipHollywood.

The recent R. Kelly scandal is just beginning because now more TBs of R. Kelly interview surface on the net.

Here’s a little flashback that ties om the current legal issue with R. Kelly aka “The Pied Piper of R&B’.

Several years ago, Drea’s Kelly mother  Gerri Cruz was concerned for the well-being of her daughter at time….

Also, Ms. Cruz shares her opinions on the recent R. Kelly’s scandal in a brief interview with Chicago Sun-Times.

Read portion of the interview below.

“We know her not calling us is sending a signal that something is wrong,” her mother, Gerri Cruze, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Even after Andrea Lee Kelly asked for an emergency protective order to keep the singer away from her — amid claims of physical abuse — and after she separated from her husband and moved out of their home in fall 2005, she didn’t reach out publicly. Until now.

Following a long silence, Andrea Kelly is opening up in the new issue of Essence magazine, on newsstands May 11.

“Some people in my position would probably be very broken right now, and they would probably be saying, ‘Woe is me.’ But I’m just not that person,” she told the magazine.

In the interview, she talks about how few people seem to realize R. Kelly even has a wife, let alone one with whom he’s had three children — two girls, ages 9 and 7, and a 5-year-old boy. Andrea was pregnant with their son when the news broke of the alleged R. Kelly sex tape, for which he is currently awaiting trial (see “R. Kelly: When the Gavel Drops”). Part of the reason she stayed silent then, she says now, is that she was trying to protect their children — being “a lioness” for her cubs. “They may say, ‘Mom and Dad went through a storm,’ ” she said. “But it’s not the storm I want them to remember, it’s how their mom came out of it.”

“I know the allegations against my husband don’t reflect on me as an individual,” she continued. “They don’t reflect on me as a mom or as a wife, and they don’t reflect on me in my everyday life. … [But] I don’t want to sit here and act as if I have some halo over my head. A person has to ask, ‘How much did I allow?’ ”

She also denies cutting off her family. “We live right here in Chicago,” she said with exasperation. “How could you not know where I am?”

Fast forward…

Cruz, formerly of Chicago, lives in the Atlanta area.

I spoke with her by phone on Wednesday about this latest Kelly scandal.

“That is just so sad,” she said, adding that the singer had always treated her with respect.

She was only able to communicate with her daughter after she threatened to send the police to Kelly’s home.

“One of my cousins was an FBI agent. I told [Kelly] that if I didn’t hear from [Andrea] in the next few minutes, I [would] be sending the police. That is when I heard from her. I didn’t let it go,” she said.

“There is nothing that these parents can do from a legal perspective, but they’ve got to pray that the women build up the strength to leave,” Cruz said.

“I’m just glad God gave my daughter the strength to leave, because if the men in this family would have had to show up, it would have been ugly.”

In similar news, Keyshia Cole reveals to HipHollywood how she feels about the R. Kely sex cult allegations and claims he’s holding young women against their will.

“You never know. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think we will find out more.”

“He’s never tried anything crazy with me. But maybe he knows I’ll slap the dog a$$ sh*t out of him.”



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