Chris Brown Sues Philippines Concert Organizer for Extortion Plot.



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The singer is seeking legal action against the  Philippines Concert organizer for extortion plot.

According to reports, Chris Brown claims he’s been held up for $300,000 over a show he postponed, but eventually made up, in the Philippines … so now he’s going after the concert organizer in court.
Chris says the trouble started when he was forced to delay a New Year’s Eve 2014 gig in the Philippines … due to a “misplaced passport.” He arranged to play the makeup show in July 2015 … and performed right on schedule.
The next day … Chris was trying to leave his hotel — but, according to the docs, he was met by armed men who blocked his exit. Chris says a lawyer for the arena walked up and told him he would be arrested — unless he wired $300k to a trust fund for Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco.


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