Shots Fired! Meek Mill Took Jabs At Nicki Minaj On New Album ‘Wins & Losses’

Meek Mill practically spent a week promoting his new album ‘Wins & Losses’on different radio shows.

On the track “1942 Flows,” Meek makes mention of the Minaj situation. He raps, “Niggas talking shots, can’t stop me, they ain’t real enough/Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her.” He continues, “Try to crucify me like I’m Jesus the way she cross me.”

Meek then picks up where he left off, continuing to address Nicki in the third verse, “Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bentley/Ain’t doing no interviews, I’m busy, nigga we litty/So when you see me out don’t ask me about no Nicki/Fuck I look like, telling my business on Wendy.”

He makes another mention of his ex in the final verse, “Heard that bitch say she cut me, I was like adios/In the field, knock ’em down, it look like dominos.”

You can stream the new album Here.


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