En Vogue’s Dawn Robinson Explains Why She Left The Group And More.

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Dawn recently did an interview with Old School Music talks about the reason she left the group and life after the group.

Here is portion of the interview:

In speaking with Black Doctor, she explained why she really left the group, despite being labeled as the trouble maker:

“I’ve told people for years that each member of En Vogue made two pennies a piece. We garnered millions of dollars for the label, but we did not make a million dollars a piece. There is a huge problem with that, so yes I was extremely difficult… I stood up for what was right when I saw wrong, and because I did, and because I was alone, it made it look like I was the problem.”

“I was just telling my girlfriend the other day that when slavery was abolished, many slaves didn’t want to leave the plantations because the master would give them food and shelter and they were afraid to leave. The same kind of mentality exists today where people don’t leave their current situation because they are afraid. It’s scary to go out there and say enough is enough! It’s scary to fight the record company because they’re huge and have money. I am a trouble maker! We deserve so much more. When we first got together in 1989 there was no information out there for us. There were very few books and minimal information about how to run your business. You just had to depend on your attorney to give you the right information. You’re learning lessons as you go along, and you’re paying the price with your career.

Despite the ups and downs she experienced, Dawn persevered and is now volunteering at local schools, still singing in the states, and abroad. Not only is Dawn loving life by continuing to perform and doing what she does best, she still has the body of a woman in her 20’s. She maintains her figure and voice by continually to drink a lot of water, aerobics routines, and light weight lifting.

Back in May of this year, En Vogue talked to Dish Nation about their upcoming biopic. click Here if you missed that.


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