Trick Daddy Sends a Warning to Meek Mill.

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Miami rapper Trick Daddy revokes Meek Mill’s Miami hood pass after Meek takes credit for people posting up on yachts in Miami on Instagram…

In a recent interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In the morning, the Philadelphia rapper was explaining how he inspired other young rappers today to get off the block. He said the young guys who are traveling to Miami and have fun were influenced by him (and possibly fellow Miami native Rick Ross) showcasing the glamorous life in the M-I-A.

Trick Daddy misconstrued Meek’s comments as him saying that he influenced Miami rappers and the whole lifestyle culture in the city, which is clearly not the case. But the “Nann” rapper wasn’t having it.

“First of all, you need to know one motherf—ing thing,” said Trick. “Miami n—-s are not followers. Not mini-mes and mini-me-toos. We are trendsetters. We are cocaine sellin’, machine gun rootin-tootin shootin’ fool-ass n—-s.”

“And don’t use my city or my n—-s for character reference, I will not accept it n—-,” he continued. “I will get out of character, n—-. Do not f— with me, n—-. Ever since you lost your girl you have been trippin’.”

“You better watch your motherf—in’ mouth,” as a matter of fact, you [Miami visa] has expired,” he added. “Do not f— with me. And you owe me and my city an apology. I’ll be waiting, bitch ass n—-.”

Watch on my gram below.



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