Birdman Responds To Tyga’s Claim Cash Money Owes Him $12 Million.

In “Bish Better Have My Money” section Tyga claimed Birdman  and Cash Money owe him $12 million. Click Here if you missed that.

Stunna calls Tyga a bluff.

Birdman’s fuming at Tyga publicly declaring Cash Money owes him $12 million … because he says that statement is complete BS.
Sources connected to the Cash Money honcho tell TMZ … Tyga’s actually the one who walked away still owing the label an album. We’re told the label had no problem releasing him because his sales were sluggish.

There’s a more to this story.

Tyga was leaving 1Oak on Sunset Saturday night … when our photog asked him about his ongoing battle his former label. Quick recap: Tyga said he left Cash Money, even though it owed him $12 million … then our Birdman sources said that’s a joke …

It’s obvious Tyga’s been paying attention, and fearlessly responded … calling his old boss a “bitch.”


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