Blind Item: Bumming Groceries

Image result for lamar odom july 2017 wendy williams

Picture does not represent the blind item..

[Blind Gossip] This tall and very famous athlete has managed to stay in the spotlight even after retiring from his professional career. He loves being famous, and his unusual looks, quirky demeanor, and occasionally bad or controversial behavior have helped him stay in the headlines.

While he made millions as a professional athlete… he is now broke! He frequently visits a town in Southern California and relies on others to pick up the tab for him.

He comes here a lot but he doesn’t stay in a hotel. He crashes on his buddies’ couches. He hangs out at a local bar and bums drinks off of college kids. A few weeks ago, I was at a local market and he was in there buying a few groceries. I waited in line behind him and there was some sort of problem with his credit card. After talking with the cashier for a couple of minutes, he left with the groceries without paying for them. I overheard the cashier tell his associate, “Man, his credit card NEVER works!” I kind of felt sorry for him.


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