Brandy Explains #SheKnowsMe Photo And Denies Being Shady To Jennifer Lopez On ‘The Talk’.


Over the weekend, Brandy was accused throwing shade at Jennifer Lopez after she posted a photo of herself and Mariah Carey on the GRAM with the caption #SheKnowsMe.

  • 4everbrandy#SheKnowsMe@mariahcarey
    Oh My God, what happened?? I swear to Goodness I don’t know what the fuss it about. I love this pic and now everyone thinks I’m throwing shade?? At who??? This is funny. Can’t take this one down, I love this picture and whenever I’m throwing shade (light) it’s not questionable, you know that I am!!! Also, I’ve met her several times like the several seats that should be taken, she does know me. Not well…..but she would say hi at 7 eleven or Rite Aid… #chileHi


Today, Brandy was the co-host on ‘The Talk’ and set the record straight about the situation.

Brandy explains, “Everybody knows that Mariah always says who she does not know… but the picture proves that she knows me. I posted it and then everybody thought that I was trying to throw shade at Jennifer Lopez, which I would never do because I love Jennifer Lopez. But Mariah doesn’t know her.”


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