Deion Sanders Accused of Refusing To Answer Some Questions In Lawsuit Over Son’s Attack.

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Back in June 2016, Deion Sanders has been hit with another lawsuit over his son’s alleged brutal beat down on a school employee, with the man who was allegedly beaten so bad he needed surgery heading to court and demanding $1 million dollar in damages from the family.

Here’s an update on that situation.

According to TJB reports, On July 13th, John Darjean filed a motion to compel the deposition of Deion and for sanctions due to the ex NFL star walking out of his original deposition refusing to answer questions under oath.

The plaintiff explains Deion’s deposition was scheduled for July 7th. On the date, Deion and his lawyer showed up to have his depo taken, which includes him being grilled under oath about the facts of the case.

However, after approximately three to five minutes of being deposed, Deion abruptly stood up refusing to answer any further questions and left the room and location without the consent of the plaintiff’s lawyer or his own lawyers.


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