Starz And 50 Cent Want End ‘Power’ Copyright Suit.

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Back in September 2015, Larry Johnson claims he wrote a manuscript, “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid,” and in 2005, sent it to Nikki Turner, who works for 50 at G-Unit Books. He says the book was eventually published elsewhere, but believes Nikki showed the manuscript to 50.

Johnson claims much to his horror, in 2014 Starz debuted “Power,” Fiddy’s show about a drug dealer who’s trying to go legit.

Johnson says it’s a carbon copy of his manuscript. In his book, the primary character has a goatee … ditto “Ghost” in “Power. Click Here if you missed that.

According to the report, Now, the Powerexecutive producer and star wants a copyright lawsuit against the ratings shattering drama unplugged.

Represented by Bill Cosby’s ex-lawyer Monique Pressley among others and having filed a first amended complaint on July 22, the plaintiff is seeking sweeping unspecified damages.

“Plaintiffs bring this action seeking to put an immediate stop to, and to obtain redress for, Defendants’ blatant, purposeful and massive infringement of the copyright in Plaintiff Johnson’s two-part manuscript entitled Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid,” the jury-seeking filing states (read it here). A published author of several books, Johnson and fellow plaintiff and his editor Keller claim that the Tribulation script was passed on to defendant Nikki Turner a few years ago and consequently made its way to Kemp and Jackson as the basis for the 2014 debuting Power. Not connected with Power formally, Turner has worked with Jackson in the past


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