Tidal’s Chart Manipulation Explained.

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Earlier this week Tyler the Creator lashed out at Tidal accusing the music streaming service of manipulating the Billboard chart to keep his album ‘Flower Boy’ out of the no.1 spot.

Read below…

Tyler the Creator lashes out at Tidal after finding out they are streaming music in front of their paywall…
According to reports, Hits Daily Double

Sources inside Billboard confirm that the publication is planning to count in-front-of-the-paywall Tidal streams of Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses in the album’s chart total—and the potential chart ramifications are already seismic. Bible staffers are apoplectic over the lack of leadership at the top of the publication and the refusal to address the most naked example of chart manipulation in recent memory.

These free streams generate no revenue and thus equate to free goods, thus making them ineligible for chart inclusion. Also, the presence of the album in front of the paywall opens the way for unlimited use of bots to drive up streaming totals, unencumbered by accounts or logins.


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