Shine, Shine… Beyonce Wants To Invest In The Houston Rockets.

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My ladies are running this mutha!

First, Tameka Harris announced part owners of  Atlanta Heirs click Here if you missed that.

Now, Beyonce wants to invest in the Rockets.

That’s right according to NY Post reports,  Bloomberg reported Tuesday that Beyoncé Knowles is looking to invest in the Rockets, recently put up for sale by current owner Les Alexander.

A Houston native and Rockets fan, Beyoncé could become one of Anthony’s bosses if she buys a stake in the franchise, likely as part of a larger ownership group. At a time when valuations for professional sports teams are solidly in the 10-figure range…

Make those coins……..

Back in 2015, Jay Z  will no longer maintain minority ownership in the Brooklyn Nets after selling his small stake in the team to new head coach Jason Kidd, the New York Post reports. We’re told Kidd will take over Jay’s .067 percent (1/15th of a percent) stake in the team for about $500,000. […]  Click Here if you missed the story.

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