Watch Channel 4’s New Documentary Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye.

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Last month, 2 Chainz does a recent interview with DJ Drama talks about Remy Ma has issues with him, Kanye West and more.

In fact, Tity Boi recalled a particular conversation with Yeezy that sparked their friendship and one with Jigga that may have contributed to JAY-Z’s beef with the Louis Vuitton Don. “What people don’t know is that Jay called me behind ‘Ye and there was a little something going on right there because ‘Ye wasn’t cool with that. Jay had got Jermaine Dupri to call me. They called me on 3-way.” Afterwards, Tity realized that there was a problem. “When Jay called, I happened to tell ‘Ye,” he said. “He was like, ‘You lying! I can’t believe he called you!’ I’m like, ‘Oh shit…’”

  • Also did not help Jigga bailed out on KimYe’s wedding. Click Here if you missed that.
  •  Kanye West revealed his daughter North and Blue Ivy do not have play dates and other ish in his recent rant about Tidal and Apple. Click Here to read.
  • Reports surface   Jay Z can’t stand ‘nut job’ Kanye West. Click Here if you missed that.
  •  Rumors about Kanye West leaving Tidal. Click Here if you missed that.

Now…  Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye(Channel 4), a biography of both musicians that has been seemingly pulled together over the last eight months.

The film largely focused on West’s inferiority complex with respect of Jay-Z, a relationship which it described as younger brother to older brother. In which case, why not call it Big Brother – the West song that tells you almost all you need to know about the pair’s love-hate relationship?

In the film, Jay is portrayed as a rags-to-riches self-starter who’s obsessed with money (at one point, he is described as “the American Dream on acid”), while Kanye is the sensitive one, more concerned with art and woo-ed by the world of celebrity. After airing on Monday night (July 31), many took to Twitter to declare that Jay-Z “used” Kanye.






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