Halle Berry Promotes Her New Movie “Kidnap” And More On ‘Good Morning America’.


Today, Halle Berry visits ‘GMA’ to promote her new “Kidnap on the show. The actress also jokes about being divorce.

As a strong mother who will stop at nothing to rescue her kidnapped son in the upcoming thriller, “Kidnap,” Berry, 50, said it’s “nice to see a woman save the day” at the end of the film, which is something the actress can certainly relate to in real life.

Berry said she thinks it “should be mandatory” for all women to take self-defense classes to protect themselves and their children should a dangerous situation arise.

“I do hand combat training,” the actress and mother of two said on “Good Morning America” today. “I’m the kind of person that, if something really goes down, I want to be that kind of mom that can have a fighting chance for my kids and for myself. I think every woman should know self-defense and combat training. I think it should be mandatory, especially if you have children, you should learn how to protect yourselves….”

As serious as that discussion was, the tension was cut when Berry touted how great it is that a woman saves the day in the movie instead of a man. She then hilariously added, “I love men, too. Been divorced three times. You know I do!”

Click Here to watch.


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