Raven Symone Offers New Race Identities, Thoughts on Orlando Brown Drama, Bill Cosby, And More On Sway’s Universe.

Let’s go!!!

First, Raven Symone address her position on being American. She admits that she understands why we use the terminology but explains that it’s unnecessarily divisive. Her family has been in America for nearly 500 years, originating from slavery, so she doesn’t associate herself with Africa enough to call herself African-American. She asks, why identify as African-American?

“Is it to check a box or is it to keep me in the same neighborhood? Do you really need to know what color I am? I got a weave but so do white-Americans.”

Part 2..

Raven was asked about Orlando Brown and his crazy antics at the 3:07 mark.

  • Raven responds, “Well you know the new show Raven’s home airs Friday nights at 8’o clock. so that’s what happened that what happen there. Raven shake her head and continues. “I’m not going to answer that.. I am not even going to go there.”

The crew laughs at Raven lol.

  • She then goes on to say that she would never allow her children to enter the industry until they are 17 or 18. The longtime actress also says that she educates her on screen kids and their parents on how to survive the industry as well.

At the 7:50 mark, Raven answers if she has communicated to Bill Cosby during the sex assault trial. Raven responds, “I have not talked to Mr. Cosby .”

Sway says the gentlemen who asked Raven Symone about Bill Cosby.  He does a good Bill Cosby impression

“Oh, okay off air we’ll do that, we’ll do that.” Raven reminds folks about her new show again… Raven continues “Ya’ll a’int going to get me in trouble.”


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