Fulton County Chairman John Eaves Press Conference On R. Kelly Upcoming Show.

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R. Kelly doesn’t have the vibe anymore…

This morning Chairman John Eaves is not supporting R. Kelly and encourages people to not supporting the singer in the midst of the ongoing scandal.

Watch the press conference Here.

Chairman John Eaves told The Post.

“When the concert of R. Kelly was announced, it coincided with the recent allegations of R. Kelly in our county, and a growing number of constituents began contacting me directly, the chair, sharing their consternation about him performing on Aug. 25,” Eaves said.

The emails to Eaves and his fellow commissioners began about a week and half ago. The letter, at the least, is “a serving of notice of sorts to Live Nation now, and letting the public know their local government is concerned, without overstepping some sort of legal grounds,” given the county’s contract with Live Nation, Eaves added.

“It’s just folks who are contacting me because they are concerned, and who are really connected to the issue of sex and human trafficking, dehumanizing of women, exploitation of women,” Eaves said. “As I hear from my constituents, they also see this narrative. It’s not just like this is a one-shot thing, but there’s a history of this type of conduct, and it now has culminated in not only the most recent public allegations here in our own backyard, but doggone it, the man is also performing in our county.”

Happening Now. Fulton co. Chair calls for upcoming R. Kelly Concert to be canceled, following allegations of sexual exploitation.

Organization formed to stop R. Kelly concert. “No matter who you are, you will be held accountable.” – at Fulton County Government Center

Fulton Chairman says as a father of young girl he is standing up against sexual exploitation & trafficking of women & children.

In similar news, Insiders claim R Kelly has been offering his girls surgical enhancements…

From The NY Daily News
…sources close to the singer tell us that among the things some of Kelly’s alleged roommates have in common are new breasts.
“I don’t know why and I don’t understand it,” according to our source, who says that Kelly made implants available to the women.


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