Scottie And Larsa Pippen’s Divorce Is Officially Back On.

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It’s official!

The last time we heard about this lovely couple.

Back in Feb. Scottie and Larsa leaving a Hollywood hotspot Monday night and earlier in the day Larsa SnapChatted her 14 karat Valentines Day present.

“They’re working on their marriage,” a source close to Larsa told Page Six.

“She laughed [at the new headlines] and was basically like there’s nothing else to say. They have a deep passionate marriage and love.

Change of plans again…

According to reports, Today, attorneys for both of the Pippens stood in front of Broward County Family Court Judge Dale Cohen and said their clients really want to split up.

Larsa’s attorney Jorge Cestero told Cohen, “We’re going to be proceeding with the case. The husband and the wife are both in Los Angeles and we’re scheduling another mediation session.”

This is the second time the Pippens have had cold feet about the divorce. Larsa’s attorney said judges don’t let indecisive couples flip flop indefinitely, “Usually judged like to close cases within a year.”


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