What Is You Doing? Boosie Sparks Major Backlash Over Gram Post For His Son’s 14th Birthday Gift.


Boosie caught major backlash for his recent post dedicated to his son 14th birthday.

In Boosie  says on the gram…

  • officialboosieigHappy gday @tootie_rawwlove you son with all my heart Pops💯💯💯💯see u tomorrow 💯💯💯got a 💰bag for you n a bad bitch to give u some head 💯u already know how I do it Tootie Raww the mixtape dropping Oct.1st


Now this sounds very familiar.

In “The Carter” documentary back in 2010, In one scene, Wayne puts pressure on a tiny fifteen-year-old protege named Twist to be more sexually active, sharing that he himself had oral sex forced on him by a woman at the request of his rapping mentor Bryan “Birdman” aka “Baby” Williams when he was 11, and that it was a transformative “rape,” a rape he enjoyed. Twist laughs like a nervous kid who thinks he’s supposed to laugh, but a whole room full of adults pretend Wayne’s story is funny and implicitly endorse some twisted tradition where an older man pushes sex on a younger man instead of letting him find his own path.

Lil Boosie might want to be mindful on what to post on the gram. This is some very serious shit. Social media is not letting on Boosie not one bit.

























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