WTF? Mel B’s former assistant fled in fear of Stephen Belafonte.


Image result for mel b and stephen belafonte's

According to Mel B’s former assistant  claims Stephen have more issues than vogue. And, also reveals Mel B and Stephen constantly argue with each other behind close doors.

Spice Girl Mel B’s employees were made to watch ISIS beheading videos by her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, a former assistant has revealed.

Film boss Belafonte insisted it would make them realize what was happening in the “real world.”

Ex-lackey Jonathan Parks, 25, claims the film producer also spent $22,800 on a trip to get a tattoo — and says the couple kept a box full of sex toys in their garage.

Parks said: “Working for Stephen and Mel was insane, complete chaos. They were always screaming at each other and rowing. Every single day I asked myself, ‘How can these people still be together?’ There seemed to be no happiness.

“Stephen was the scary one in that relationship. The smallest thing would set him off. He would scream at you like a drill sergeant. I would stand there with my knees shaking


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