Details On How Martin Shkreli’s Got Lil Wayne ‘Tha Carter V’ Album Was Found in a Used Bugatti.


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Back in May, Lil Wayne demanded Martin Shkreli hand over his copy of “Tha Carter V” and says if the infamous disgraced pharma exec leaks anymore of it online … he’s taking his ass to court.

Here’s an update on the situation.

If you ever wonder how did Martin Shkreli get the ‘Carter V’? Wait no more…

Shkreli recently played a rare, $2-million Wu-Tang Clan album for a party, and now, he reportedly found an unreleased track selection from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V after his friend bought the rapper’s Bugatti Veyron.

Alex Pfeiffer released that the tale of how Shkreli came to own this tape is extremely lucky. A man purchased one of Weezy’s renowned Bugattis and stumbled upon the CD that contained a list of exclusive tracks from the anticipated album. Once he found out what he had, the owner got in touch with Shkreli and sold it to him for an undisclosed amount….

Martin was found guilty on Friday of fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison, but before his indictment.


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