Brandy Comes For Monica Fans After Paying Homage To The Late Whitney Houston.

Fix it Jesus!

Today is the late legendary Whitney Houston’s birthday.

It would not be Brandy to throw a bit of shade in a Whitney Houston post on the gram.

Brandy shut down Monica fans who accused her of drafting a selfish birthday tribute to Whitney Houston.

“Lord have mercy on my soul!!! Happy Born Day Whitney. You live on in me… I can feel your Spirit inside of me and all around me. My angel, my friend, my fairy God Mother. I love you forever… thank you for trusting me with your torch!!!” the singer, 38, captioned an Instagram collage of photos of herself with the musical icon who passed away in 2011. “I remember every moment with you and I and will cherish these miraculous moments forever and ever! I love you… 8/9-2/11 #WhitneyHouston.”


Monica fans will not let up on Brandy. Not Today!


  • 4everbrandyNippy, I wanted to be exactly like you… mannerisms and all… I didn’t have your Range but everything else I could do that you did I tried to do. Then It dawned on me, I can never do what you did exactly the way you did it and then I found myself being like myself because of everything you taught me! You said, be yourself and later on after you said that, I became my own artist but with your inflections. Happy Birthday… you live on in me and no one on this planet loves you the way I do.(yeah I said it because that is what I know because that’s what you told me) There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.
  • phuck.yu_You are an unclassy bein the lady going through death loss and you out here telling her bullshit about fans grow tf up and idc if u block me that just less of your struggle 3mil followers just like you dumbass brother… #thefuckingtruth
  • allthingsrighttrack@4everbrandy but Monica is literally mourning the death of a good friends of hers right now and you’re calling her out for not checking FANS about some IG shit? Come on sis that wack af. And I’m equally a fan of you both. No one should ever have to choose especially when we grew up with both of you. It shouldn’t be her fans vs your fans. That’s how you’re making it look. Just relax and ignore the negativity. Why continuously fight some shit you’ll never win? You can’t argue with every troll. You’ll never win that battle.
  • mssweetcherrik77@4everbrandy …u sound hella childish, grow the fuck up and quit throwing shade. I grew up listening to u and Monica; and while you’re dissing her fans and calling them evil u should take the high road!! Keep it classy…that’s what Monica wld do!!
  • letmebegreatapparel_Brandy instead of insulting Monica you could of been reaching out to her she’s dealing with a death! No wonder you FLOP so much 🤷🏾‍♂️


Brandy calls out the Mo fans on the gram and deleted the message.

  • thejasminebrand_#Brandy tells #Monicato get her evil ass fans: “Come get your hating ass pigeons & put them in their place … I’m not to be f*cked with today”

In a lengthy message Brandy says to the Monica fans on the gram:

Monica needs to really check her evil ass fans. it’s so much stuff I can post about the hateful things they say to me… but I will never have time for that. Always thinking something is about her. It’s not!!! It’s Never until it was and I was clear when it was but I did it within my job meaning with my vocals!!! shit is old. Me and Whitney have nothing to do with anyone but the two of us.. we made history and I cared more about being with her than I did about anything else. I’m heartbroken that she isn’t here and the things I say about her are my true feelings and based on the things she said to me. #Torch is a purpose and it is an understanding to help me get through the fact that she passed period the way she did and passed on my birthday. I’m crushed for life because of it. It is petty for everything that I say about Whitney for someone have the audacity to think it’s about someone else other than her. Come get your hating ass pigeons and  put them in their place the way I did for you when the starz was out of place. They’re low key Brandy fans anyway…. always lurking and always creating new pages talking to Me. I’m not to be Fucked with today! If this was rap or hip hop you would be praised for speaking your mind since it’s rnb you have to take the so called high road… well because I can rap just….




FX Renewed ‘Snowfall’ for Season 2.

Image result for snowfall fx season 1

‘Snowfall’ is returning to the FX  for season 2.

According to reports, The network has renewed the ’80s L.A. drug saga Snowfall for a second season, TVLine has learned.

Film director John Singleton is a co-creator and executive producer, with The West Wing alum Thomas Schlamme serving as an EP as well.

Debuting back in July, Snowfall premiered to 1.36 million total viewers, ranking as one of the top cable premieres of the year in key ratings demos, counting seven days of DVR playback.

Charles Barkley Says, “Kyrie Irving Wanting His Own Team is So Stupid.”

Last month. Kyrie Irving is ready to end his run with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as league sources told ESPN that the guard has asked the team to trade him.

Charles Barkley reacts to the news…

On NBA TV, Barkley said he doesn’t understand why Kyrie would want to be “the man” when he can win now with LeBron James and the Cavaliers:

There’s a notion where you wanna be the man—I just think it’s so stupid.

“If I got a chance to play with another great player, I wanna do that. I mean, the objective is to win.

“When he was on a bad team and he was the man, I guarantee that wasn’t a lot of fun for him.

It starts at the at 2:21 mark.

Tiger Woods enters DUI diversion program as part of plea deal comes from May arrest.

Related image

Back in May, Tiger Woods was arrested and charged with DUI in Jupiter, Fla., records show. Tiger Woods went to rehab.

According to reports, Tiger Woods will not attend his arraignment Wednesday on a driving under the influence charge, his attorney said, meaning under court rules the superstar golfer will be pleading not guilty.

Attorney Douglas Duncan said in an email Tuesday to The Associated Press that Woods will not be attending the hearing, but he didn’t elaborate. Any plea other than not guilty requires the defendant’s attendance.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office declined comment.

Woods could have agreed Wednesday to enter a program for first-time DUI defendants. He would have to plead guilty to reckless driving and receive a year’s probation. He would also have to pay a $250 fine and court costs, attend DUI school, perform 50 hours of community service and attend a workshop where victims of impaired drivers detail how their lives were damaged. He also would have also been subject to random drug and alcohol testing and other conditions.

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