A Mess.. Omarosa Manigault Causes Uproar at Black Journalists Convention.

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Ms. Omarosa Manigault  an assistant to Donald Trump is a currently a trending topic for ALL the wrong reasons.

Several reports are stating  she caused a bit of an uproar at the National Association of Black Journalists’ convention on Friday. Though she criticized her boss for seeming to encourage police brutality, she defended the administration in a series of heated exchanges over its relationship with communities of color around the country.

The panel’s moderator, Ed Gordon, a host on the BET channel, asked Manigault about Trump’s position on policing, particularly his position that police officers not be so nice when arresting suspects, and the revived war on drugs that Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to wage….But Manigault didn’t want to talk about Trump. She first balked at “disclosing confidential conversations with the president,” then stood up, pacing the stage as she sparred with Gordon. She was angry that he didn’t solely want to focus on her family losses, and at one point told him, “shame on you.”

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Blind Item. Traction In The Bedroom.

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Picture does not represent the blind item.

[Blind Gossip] This blind item provides an interesting peek into a celebrity couple’s private bedroom behavior.

He is a very famous athlete. He is currently in a serious relationship with a female celebrity.

When they have sex, he wears his cleats. He likes the traction that it gives him, and she likes the way it feels when he presses the cleats into her skin.

We don’t know which one of the two came up with the idea. Hope those cleats are clean!


Female Celebrity:

[Optional] Sound like something you’d like to try?

WTF? ‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey And His Wife  Marjorie  Linked To Cocaine Smuggling Ring.


Steve is getting hit with scandal after scandal this year….

  • First it was meeting with Donald Trump click Here if you missed that.
  • Then it was Steve Harvey’s memo to his staff which he thought it was cute by the way click Here if you missed that,
  • Steve Harvey joked about Flint Water click Here if you missed that.
  • Steve’s Ex. Mary Harvey’s activist calls out TMZ and Steve Harvey. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Steve Harvey mocked Asian men on his show click Here if you missed that.

Now this….

Radar Online reports,  Steve Harvey has been covering up his shocking links to two drug lords who ran massive cocaine smuggling rings — but RadarOnline has unearthed his shameful secret.

After a three-month investigation, Radar obtained explosive FBI files revealing the dope kingpins were both married to Steve’s bad-girl wife Marjorie — and she was deeply involved in their slimy underworld.

 According to documents, Marjorie’s former husbands ran smuggling rings that moved hundreds of kilos of narcotics between Houston and Memphis.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Jim, 68, tells Radar he was pressured by the feds to cooperate with their investigation. He says the lawmen claimed to have “substantial evidence” against Marjorie — and said
she’d be arrested if he didn’t play ball.

At the time, Marjorie was eight months pregnant with their second child, son Jason, the dealer says. He also feared their 5-year-old daughter, Morgan, would be left without a mother if he didn’t cop a plea.

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New Orleans flooding and pumping system crisis by the numbers.

Sending prayers and positive energy to my NOLA peeps right now.

Louisiana’s governor has declared a state of emergency in New Orleans as officials and residents scrambled in the aftermath of last Saturday’s heavy storm that left hundreds of homes and businesses flooded.

With more rain in the forecast, New Orleans leaders rushed to deal with a series of malfunctions in the city’s drainage system — and to face a critical public after some local officials waited days to reveal the full extent of system failures.
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