Celebrity Lawyer Lisa Bloom Seeks ‘Justice and Accountability’ in Herpes Lawsuit Against Usher.

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Earlier this month,  Lisa Bloom announced she was representing one man and two women who were accusing pop star Usher of exposing them to the herpes virus

And…  One of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, spoke openly about her encounter with the R&B singer during a press conference at the New York Hilton Midtown. She said she’s negative for herpes. Click Here if you missed that.

Lisa Bloom does a recent interview with Billboard about the legal battle with R&B star Usher Raymond.

Here is what she has to say below.

What made you decide to tackle the lawsuit against Usher Raymond? 

Lisa Bloom: Well, I’m generally on the side of the underdog against a powerful person or company. That’s what I’ve been doing for 31 years. In the case of Usher, there have been news reports for about a month that he was diagnosed with genital herpes in 2009 or so. And then, in 2012, he paid off a woman who he had infected without warning her first. There were some documents posted online to substantiate that. The news organization that posted it is standing by their story. So Usher has not responded.

It’s possible that those news reports are false, but based on that, a lot of people have called me. They’re real concerned about their reproductive health, because they say that they’ve had unprotected sex with Usher since 2012. He failed to warn them. They would not have had sex with him if they knew he had a terrible STD like herpes. Some of them are positive and some of them are negative, but in all cases, if he was positive and he knew it and he didn’t disclose it, he exposed them to the virus and that’s a violation of their rights.

So my team at the Bloom Firm and I have been doing a lot of research on this, and a lot of investigation the last couple of weeks. We’ve decided to represent three of these individuals who have stories that have corroboration, which means evidence or witnesses to back them up. As to the others, we’re still reviewing their stories and still investigating. But you know, I think ordinary people deserve to have their rights protected. So that’s what this is all about to me.

Numerous sources have indicated that your client, Quantasia Sharpton, once revealed on Twitter that she was in need of money. 

Well, numerous sources have not revealed that. This is all based on one post on social media of out thousands and thousands of posts that she’s done where she simply said three words: “I need money.” Let’s not enlarge that to “numerous sources says that she’s desperate for money.” 99% of America needs money. So it’s a simple statement.

She’s not a wealthy person. She’s a single mom. She lives in a tough neighborhood. And she has over the years made jokes to her friends on social media and they’ve joked back things like, ‘Hey! Wanna loan me me a million dollars?’ This is just the way people talk to each other. I think if 99% of America was being honest, they too would say they need money. This is not a crime to be poor. It’s not a crime to be honest about it. That’s a big stretch from that to say that she’s lying about this case.

We haven’t put a dollar amount on the case. We haven’t asked for a particular amount of money, unlike some other cases that have been filed. This is not about money. And what she said in the press conference was, ‘Hey Usher: If you’re negative just say so, so that everybody’s mind can be put at rest.’ Does that sound like somebody to you who’s just greedy for money?

What made her decide to come out now rather than earlier? 

It’s only been a few weeks. It’s only been about three or four weeks since this news broke about Usher being positive for genital herpes. Nobody knew that before. If it’s true, the only people who knew it were Usher and whoever he revealed that to, but he didn’t reveal that to my clients. So Quantasia called me, as did many, many others to find out what their rights are.

Click Here to read more.



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