Fulton County Chairman Calls For Criminal Investigation Of R. Kelly.

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A week ago,  Chairman John Eaves is not supporting R. Kelly and encourages people to not supporting the singer in the midst of the ongoing scandal. And.. The emails to Eaves and his fellow commissioners began about a week and half ago. The letter, at the least, is “a serving of notice of sorts to Live Nation now, and letting the public know their local government is concerned, without overstepping some sort of legal grounds,” given the county’s contract with Live Nation, Eaves added.

“It’s just folks who are contacting me because they are concerned, and who are really connected to the issue of sex and human trafficking, dehumanizing of women, exploitation of women,” Eaves said. “As I hear from my constituents, they also see this narrative. It’s not just like this is a one-shot thing, but there’s a history of this type of conduct, and it now has culminated in not only the most recent public allegations here in our own backyard, but doggone it, the man is also performing in our county.”

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Now.. The Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners has asked authorities to open a criminal investigation of R. Kelly, citing new evidence after the singer was recently accused of sexually exploiting and holding young girls against their will.

Friday, Commission Chairman John Eaves said investigators have uncovered new information surrounding the allegations against Kelly that’s “severely raised the level of concern.”

“I believe the citizens of Fulton County deserve this investigation,” Eaves said at a news conference Friday morning. “I”m going to stress to the [Fulton County] district attorney that a full investigation be done, because I believe questions should be answered.”


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