Jackie Christie Talks About Daughters Tell-All Book & Her Ongoing Feud With Evelyn Lozada | TMZ


Jackie Christie returns to Raq Rants to talks about her daughter Takari, Basketball Wives and more.

  • Starting at the 2:11 mark, Raq asks Jackie “And, your daughter with the book though Jackie, What’s going on with your daughter?”
  • Jackie responds, “Umm, you know that’s a great question. You know I love my daughter I will never throw her under the bus. I said that a million times. I will continue to say that.  Takari is my first born. She’s 28 years old. She has a family of her own. I love her. I love her family. All of us is a family. Her kids is my grand children. And, I just feel disappointed and sad that it’s taken it’s turn. As far as this behavior my daughter has been treated with nothing but love. I never spanked my daughter. Never hit her none of that. I’ve been a great mom I done the best that I can do.
  • At the 2: 48 mark, Raq Rants asks Jackie “What’s up with the light skin and dark skin that she always goes with?”
  • Jackie responds, “I have no idea where that comes from. Takari is a beautiful very gorgeous chocolate gorgeous baby of mine. Chantal is a beautiful gorgeous vanilla baby of mine. I am a brown skinned woman.. I never have a color line problem.  Oh your dark or light. That’s just very insensitive. And frankly it’s hurtful.  And it’s very racist for anybody to think that way. I don’t know if Takari was the one who started that up or was the internet doing it….
  • Jackie continues “Our communication is of a mother and daughter. I just recently posted on my instagram. A couple of things between us…. It’s been years of this torture like six years of going back and forth with this Takari thing. I have never publicly said anything. I have always just stayed out of it. Recently, I felt it was time to go ahead and let the world know that the relationship I have with my daughter  is a mother and a daughter that love each other. So I put some of the messages up there so people can see for themselves.
  • Jackie talks about the abusive claims at the 4:29 mark.
  • Jackie says she always take care of her daughter financially at the 5:42 mark.
  • Jackie says. “What I want do is I want support bad behavior, I want support slander, I want support extortion, I want support when you have your child’s father (boyfriend or fiancé)  these are your guys responsibility.

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