Mel B’s Nanny Misses Divorce Case Deposition Because Of Food Poisoning.

Back in July, Mel B has filed five separate legal motions against her former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, in a bid to strike out the case from court. Click Here if you missed that.

In court documents obtained by MailOnline, the embattled hitmaker, 42, authorised her legal team to shut down her former employee’s libel lawsuit against her, spending thousands of pounds to counter her case in the process.

Lorraine was due to sit down with the popstar’s lawyers last week for seven hours of questioning. However she dodged the meeting claiming she was unwell.

The ex-nanny’s husband, technology entrepreneur Michael Bleu told his wife’s absence was due to food poisoning.

He said, “She was sick from food poisoning the whole week, she had to be driven to the doctor and she had medicine and she missed several days of work, this is not some trumped up thing, my dad said it was probably from the barbecue we had on Tuesday night.”


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