WTF? ‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey And His Wife  Marjorie  Linked To Cocaine Smuggling Ring.


Steve is getting hit with scandal after scandal this year….

  • First it was meeting with Donald Trump click Here if you missed that.
  • Then it was Steve Harvey’s memo to his staff which he thought it was cute by the way click Here if you missed that,
  • Steve Harvey joked about Flint Water click Here if you missed that.
  • Steve’s Ex. Mary Harvey’s activist calls out TMZ and Steve Harvey. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Steve Harvey mocked Asian men on his show click Here if you missed that.

Now this….

Radar Online reports,  Steve Harvey has been covering up his shocking links to two drug lords who ran massive cocaine smuggling rings — but RadarOnline has unearthed his shameful secret.

After a three-month investigation, Radar obtained explosive FBI files revealing the dope kingpins were both married to Steve’s bad-girl wife Marjorie — and she was deeply involved in their slimy underworld.

 According to documents, Marjorie’s former husbands ran smuggling rings that moved hundreds of kilos of narcotics between Houston and Memphis.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Jim, 68, tells Radar he was pressured by the feds to cooperate with their investigation. He says the lawmen claimed to have “substantial evidence” against Marjorie — and said
she’d be arrested if he didn’t play ball.

At the time, Marjorie was eight months pregnant with their second child, son Jason, the dealer says. He also feared their 5-year-old daughter, Morgan, would be left without a mother if he didn’t cop a plea.

Click Here to read more.


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