Double Stories: Cardi B Claims Highest-Charting Hit For Female Rapper Since Nicki Minaj/ Cardi B Addresses Her Transphobic and Roach Comments.

That Cardi B reign just want let up!

Cardi B doubles its fortune on the chart, flying 28-14 in its fifth week on the list. The ascent makes “Bodak” the highest-charting hit by an unaccompanied female rapper (no other artists on the billing) since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” burst to No. 2 in 2014.

If you missed Nicki show love to Cardi on THE GRAM click Here to read.

Also, Cardi B addresses her transphobic and roach comment as well.

A brief recap…

The rapper/ reality star recently land in hit water. After, a Twitter user pulled up older tweets of Cardi using the term “roach,” believing she was referring to dark-skinned Black women. Now, Cardi’s stepped forth to defend herself.  Click Here if you missed that.

Cardi B cleans up her comments on social media,

Cardi explains “roach” is simply a slang term she and others from the Bronx have been using for years. The first part of Cardi’s response came in the form of a tweet containing a video of her using the word to describe herself.

“I called MY OWN self a reach before so stop it !its a word I use ALOt Bronx bitches use a lot stop trying to make it into some racist shit,” Cardi says in the tweet attached to the video.

Word of advice Cardi B might NOT want to piss off her main fan base. Think before you tweet, Cardi B. There is nothing cute about being called to a roach. It’s bad enough male rappers constantly disrespect dark skinned women. We don’t need to take this shit from another rapper.


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