Kyrie Irving Addresses His Relationship with LeBron James In A Recent Interview.

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No more sources and insiders straight from Kyrie’s mouth.

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On Friday, Irving addressed his relationship with James for the first time since leaving Cleveland, noting at his introductory news conference with the Celtics that “it was awesome” playing next to James.

Irving also appeared to confirm rumors that it was because of James that he felt the need to leave . He didn’t hint anything personal was involved, but that playing next to James, while “awesome,” may have overshadowed his own contributions to the team.

“Me leaving there wasn’t about basketball, it was more or less about creating that foundation of me in Cleveland, and then now taking this next step as a 25-year-old evolving man and being the best basketball player I can be,” Irving said.  “It was my time to do what was best for me in terms of my intentions and that’s going after something bigger than myself and obviously being in an environment that’s conducive for my potential,” Irving continued (via “I think that statement is self explanatory, because it’s pretty direct in terms of what my intent is, and that’s to be happy and be with a group of individuals that I can grow with




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