Comedian Jess The Hilarious Puts Nick Cannon’s MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ On Blast.

Comedian Jess The Hilarious joined ‘Wild ‘N Out’  on Season 9 click Here if you missed that.

Jess pretty much says the producers have their favorites on the show. She is only on the show because of her huge fan base on social media. Jess also hints she has something major in the works…. her own show.

fameolousigIsn’t this @nickcannon show?👀

I would never be a “Wild’N’Out Girl” but thanks for the suggestion. I actually work very hard on that show, it’s just the producers’ WACK ASS editing is why you never see me me do anything. They have their favorites, they have their picks, which is why the show will never reach its full potential of being completely funny. Because almost every episode could be wayyyy funnier. To be honest I’m only on the show because of my following which for their promotion is a win; because the show gets more views. That’s actually how a lot of shit works but it’s OK you can catch Jess very soon on her own show. Truth be told my comedy is too raw for ‘Wild’N’Out’. just watch… Trust me I know how you feel babe.


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