Guess Who’s Bizzack? Martin Lawrence And Carl Payne Posed Together For The Gram.

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A few days ago, TMZ asked Carl ‘Cole’ Payne if he’s interested in the ‘Martin Reboot’.

He says Martin 2.0 is long overdue and even makes a strong pitch for Netflix to pick up the show.

Fast forward…

Carl Payne and Marty Marty share a recent picture on the gram.

Instagram media by martinlawrence - Hangin out with my man Cole @thecarlpayne

Hangin out with my man Cole @thecarlpayne

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Meet the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s 2018 Cover Model Danielle Herrington

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Sports Illustrated revealed this morning that Danielle Herrington is the cover model for its highly anticipated swimsuit edition this year.

Herrington, 24, is the third African-American model in the magazine’s decades-long history to grace the cover of the annual swimsuit issue, following in the footsteps of Tyra Banks in 1997 and Beyonce in 2007..

Danielle reacts to the news on ‘Good Morning America’…

“I am over the moon,” she said. “I am so happy to follow in [Beyonce and Tyra Banks’] footsteps. I am so overwhelmed by it. I can’t wait to be a business woman like them.” “I was in tears. I was balling … I worked so hard for this,” she said this morning. “To see my hard work pay off, I reached my dream.”

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Roll It Up, Light It Up… Offset Appears To Smoke Weed While Sitting Front Row At Prabal Gurung’s New York Fashion Week

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Rapper Offset made headlines for his love for weed.

Read below…

“Stir fry” Rapper Offset — who’s engaged to Cardi B was spotted puffing on something while watching Prabal Gurung’s New York Fashion Week runway show from the front row.

Witnesses told Page Six that Offset’s fragrant cigarette appeared to be pot.

Fashion blog the Cut reported, “Although we were too far away to confirm the substance, we can take a wild guess what it was,” and Paper Magazine observed, “The rapper and noted weed … connoisseur is probably one of the only people who could get away with smoking front row.”

In Offset’s defense.

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Toni Braxton Announces Upcoming Album ‘Sex and Cigarettes’ And Tour

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Don’t call it a come back!

Toni Braxton promoted her upcoming album  ‘Sex and Cigarettes’.

In a previous interview with Sway’s Universe, Toni explained the title of her album/.

On Monday, Braxton announced plans for Sex and Cigarettes, with her ninth studio album set for a March 23 release by Def Jam.

According to the press release, In support of the album, Toni is plotting the SEX AND CIGARETTES TOUR, a North American trek set for the spring, with tour dates and ticket info to be announced very soon.

Another One. Nelly Is Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation For Sexual Assault In England

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Nelly lands in hot water again….

Nelly is reportedly under criminal investigation in the UK for an alleged sexual assault on a woman who claims the rapper masturbated in front of her and tried to force oral sex after a concert in December.

Police in Essex, England, told cops they have opened an investigation into the Grammy-winning singer in the wake of claims first put forth last month in an amended lawsuit filed by a previous accuser…

TMZ reports, The incident allegedly went down December 5 after Nelly’s performance at Cliffs Pavilion in Essex. The accuser says she went to take a picture with Nelly and she says he placed his arm tightly behind her and asked if she could stay behind to talk to him.

They went to his dressing room with her friends and she says he then asked her to come to a room next door. She claims once in the room he dropped his pants and began masturbating in front of her. She also claims he put his hand on her top and tried pulling it off. She says he also tried kissing her as she tried to bolt from the room.

The woman says Nelly put his right hand on the back of her head and his left hand on her shoulder, forced her head down, pushing his erect penis into her mouth. She says she ran out of the room as he called her a c***.

The woman says she didn’t go to cops immediately because she didn’t think she’d be believed.

Essex police told cops they have begun a sexual assault investigation.

The alleged incident occurred 2 months after another woman claimed Nelly raped her on his tour bus. He strongly denied it.

Update... Nelly’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum, tells us, “These allegations arose after Ms. Green amended her suit for money to include a reference to these claims. The fact that the police are investigating these claims is not new information and Nelly welcomes a thorough investigation. Nelly is confident that once investigated, these claims will be determined to be disingenuous.”

He adds, “Nelly was accompanied by his girlfriend during this tour and she was at his side throughout. It is important that police investigate every allegation of this nature.”

QUEEN KHIA Goes LIVE and Talks ‘The Queens Court’, Funky Dineva & MORE!


Last night, TS Madison announced the show is going on hiatus click Here if you missed that.

Now, Khia addresses ‘The Queens Court’ this morning on the gram live which she later post on Youtube.

Khia starts off …

  • “Good Morning… Ya’ll been crunked for about a week.  The Queen ain’t been live about a week. And, all hell done broke loose! Good morning ya’ll. I told folks I’m going live this morning. Everyone want to hear words from the Queen.
  • Khia also has some words for TS Madison as well… At the 1:10 mark.
  • Starts at the 4:10 mark.
  • “Everyone wants to hear from the queen because it’s been a love of fuck shit going on. I guess I gave you bitches enough time to get ya’ll shit together and put all ya’ll assumptions, thoughts, and opinions online… Khia says she’s only here for #TeamKhia. 
  • “Where is the queen? The queen been resting, getting beautified, getting massages and shit. Just left the gym. Where you bitches needed to be at the gym. Instead of online worrying about the next bitch. Got damn! One little bitch can cause commotion. Now, that’s a bad bitch! For all you motherfuckers that don’t know I’m a bad bitch. I’m a bad bitch. 
  • Khia says, “I missed ya’ll!”  Khia continues “I talked ya’ll last week online a little bit and I told you motherfuckers “I would not be going live yesterday on Monday’s night docket. Everybody want to know: “What the fuck been going on?”
  • “I see it’s a lot of videos and a lot of bitches is posting up all kind of videos and shit. Trying to get on the bandwagon and all this full free promotion that the queen gives to people when I feel like giving them a little full promotion. They wanna attach themselves onto the queen’s court and uh, you know, get their roast and gas, so we gone let them get their roast and gas. I try not to give them bitches no roast and gas but my partner,you know, sis, sis done had to learn this shit the hard way to keep them motherfuckers out her got damn house. Now all hell done broke loose. I tried to keep this shit from happening to my sister.”
  • “Everybody been wanting to know what’s up let’s give these folks a little bit more time. I know people been telling, they they hitting the fan now. They saying the queen is up early this morning finna give us the truth sermon, give us the true tea this morning, a little bit of what the hell been going on. I had done left last week into last week but you motherfuckers done brought last week into this week, and it amazes me how you motherfuckers be so worried and concerned and invested into shit that ain’t got nothing to do with you. So that just lets me know how much power I got and how I am truly needed because without me, the people are truly going to fail. Everybody failing, the internet failing, bitches had a bad Monday night, motherfuckers got up to work mad this morning, ain’t had no roast and gas. I love y’all. Must love to Team Khia, much love to Queen’s Court.”
  • “Last week , it was a situation that went on with Monique, uh, she was supposed to been coming on to the Queen’s Court. Y’all already know I don’t really fuck with Monique or none of the rest of them motherfuckers, I just do me. I do my commentary on shit that’s been going on. I’ve been doing this for many many years now. A lot of you motherfuckers are newbies, uh, y’all are just getting a load of the queen, y’all don’t know how the queen roast and gas every motherfucking body including your faves…… 7:40 mark.
  • Khia says at the 28:59 mark that she did not walk out of the Monique interview.
  • At the 33:04 mark, Khia says “Funky Dineva, bitch I know you, so why you wanna sit up there and tried to make up lies, bitch, bitch you don’t know how to be no friend. Bitch, you know what you do with your friends, bitch we done already talked about that. You still their motherfucking sofas and love seats and refrigerators and stoves and dishwashers out they house. Gone and try to sale it at the Steel Mills to get you some money”…33:24 mark.
  • At the 38:24 mark, Khia says she’s got nothing but love for TS Madison. It was never been a beef.
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