Desus & Mero Talk About DJ Envy and The Breakfast Club Ambush

Image result for desus and mero 2018Desus and Mero talks  DJ Envy kick them off the show and demand an apology on the Breakfast Club Power 105.

Cliff Notes

  • .. Says the number 1 at late night show was ambushed.. We entered the octagon no warning to promo our tour. Where we get is feelings… Nothing but light-skinned feelings.
  • Then, they rolled the beautiful footage.
  • At the 1:11 mark, “I mean the 10 minutes we saw you outside the studio before we did the interview you didn’t talk to us. Maybe you could of come up with a better name there.
  • At the 4:07 mark, Talked about Envy and his wife Gia made an appearance on ‘The Real’ ” [Envy] went on TV dressed like you’re going to Essence Fest to talk about your messiness. you think we wasn’t going to joke on you. You look like a sexy waiter.”
  • Around the 4:36 mark says, “DJ Envy could of called us… ‘Cuz apparently you had time to call Joe Budden about this. Instead of calling us directly. Hmmmm.”
  • Says DJ Envy tries to “Boss UP” says his voice is not matching his sentence at the 5:11 mark.
  • At the 6:12 mark. “Here’s my question you felt that strongly that your wife wanted an apology. Why didn’t you call us that same night?”
  • Why you wait until we went to your show? Now, you have the most highly trafficked viral clips going and now ya’ll trending on twitter. Hmmm…

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