DJ Envy Mentions Desus And Mero Drama In The Latest Podcast Casey Crew: Protect & Provide

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A few days ago, Last week,  Desus And Mero brought up Erica Mena’s name in response to  DJ Envy and The Breakfast Club ambush. 

Click Here to read Erica Mena’s response.

Today’s subject matter on the show is to  protect  and  provide.

Episode Description.

DJ Envy and Gia dish on what they think is sexy about a relationship and what’s sexy within a relationship. They discuss providing and protecting and give advice to a listener regarding meeting her boyfriend’s significant other.

Cliff Notes.

  • At the 5:30 mark, DJ Envy brought up  Desus And Mero incident.
  • DJ Envy says, “I pretty much said how I felt as a husband, as a father, as a family man, as my wife being so beautiful and so loyal, so kind, holds me down the way a woman should. You know somebody said something about her I thought it was disrespectful and I brought it up and that was it. I’m not going to go in a whole …dissertation on why and how and all that. Just know that if you come and say something disrespectful to my family or my wife. I’m going to make sure that you understand how I feel about it. That’s pretty much it!
  • DJ Envy admits he disrespected his wife when he cheated. “We talked about bout it and we made amends and that was that. But, nobody else EVER will disrespect my wife and not hear from me. That’s just how I feel!”
  • At the 15:30 mark, DJ Envy talks about one of Joe Budden’s co-host was saying some funny shit about me…. Talking shit about me. And, then they called to be on ‘The Breakfast Club’……
  • Gia Casey shares her opinions on the  Desus And Mero situation and more  at the 23:00 mark.

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