‘The Fam In The Morning’ Apologizes For ‘Babysitter Incident’

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Earlier this month, Danni Starr, one-third of 93.9 WKYS popular morning show The Fam in the Morning, quit the show.  After, her co-hosts blindsided her by bringing a model on as a guest that the woman wouldn’t hire to nanny her children.

Click Here and Here if you missed the stories.

Fast Forward…

‘The Fam In The Morning’ apologizes….

  • “… Let me start by saying a Jay-Z quote “Nobody wins with a family feud.” I don’t know where to start this one …… You all deserve a complete apology for what transpire like we said, we’re not going to get in any complete details or even relive that day. But, what happened on last Thursday, I’m here on ‘Fam in the Morning’ I apologize completely sincere from my heart:
  • 1). For deceiving my wife and people and listeners because one thing about the ‘Fam in the Morning’ QuickSilva, Danni Star, and DJ 5’9” we pride ourselves on doing good radio but also being very honest and candid with out listeners. That’s what made us who we are. Because our listeners believe in us. 
  • … To the listeners of 93.9 sincere apologizes for allowing us to all you go through what happened that day.
  • At the 4:08 mar  the question the was asked to me “Was this nanny real?” “Was this an actress?”  And my wife said, “Baby, you have to tell me these types of things.” Her angle is real, Danny Star’s anger was 100% real. This was NOT an act. This was not an act by Danny, by wife, by any of the listeners. 
  • But, Was this skit was a radio skit with the actors that completely was unprepared were not able to do and execute properly. “Yes!”
  • Around the 5:40 mark, Danni speaks out.

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