Nia Guzman Reportedly Claims The Increase In Child Support She Is Seeking From Chris Brown Is To Protect Royalty From His Fans

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The last time we heard about Chris Brown and Nia Guzman ongoing legal battle.

Nia Guzman and Brown disagreed about how much money the mother should be provided. Brown is reportedly worried that providing too much would result in their couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Royalty, becoming spoiled.

In a deposition by Brown’s legal team, Guzman revealed she received $20,000 from a “silent friend” to help start, an online clothing store inspired by the couple’s child. According to Guzman, she only makes around $400 per month from the site, reported The Blast.

After some pressure from Brown’s team, Guzman eventually revealed the investor was Mayweather, and the two have “been friends for 10+ years.”

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Nia Guzman claims, in court documents, that the money she’s been demanding is squarely to “protect Royalty from CB fans who try and take photographs of Royalty.”

She says the 2-bedroom apartment is not ideal for their daughter, especially when it’s so easily accessible by the public and possibly obsessive fans. Guzman says Royalty is “trapped in my apartment. She can’t go outside,” and claims “there’s a whole bunch of weirdos,” including “People taking pictures from balconies.”

The 35-year-old woman also points out that Brown has had multiple “break-ins at his homes,” and frequently has “fans sit out in front of his home.” She claims to experience similar situations from people wanting to get close to the singer through his daughter.