Red Grant Defends Katt Williams

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Last week V-103 in Atlanta co-host Wanda Smith’s husband LaMorris Sellers pulled a gun on Katt Williams after Katt roasted Wanda live on the radio

Comedian Red Grant, who was also in the studio that day, tells his side of the story…

In a video posted on Youtube Red says Katt was only at the station because he was giving him a ride and claims Wanda was disrespectful to Katt from the moment he stepped in the studio.

Red says Wanda didn’t greet Katt and didn’t hug him like she did Red nor did she congratulate Katt on his recent Emmy win. Red says Wanda spoke to Katt like he was a child demanding he come on the air and claims Wanda and Katt were roasting, gagging and laughing with each other during commercial breaks until Wanda started talking about some of Katt’s REAL issues on the air, like his multiple jail stints.

Red also called out Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart, claiming Tiffany shot a low blow at Katt on The Breakfast Club by implying Katt was gay AFTER she spoke to him and accepted his apology.

Red also claims Kevin Hart lied about  Katt Williams’ drug use.

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