Watch Lil Wayne Performs ‘Can’t Be Broken’ and ‘Uproar’ on ‘SNL’ With Halsey and Swizz Beatz On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 44, Episode 5

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‘Saturday Night Live’, Weezy took over Studio 8H to perform two hits from his 2018 album Tha Carter V on the Liev Schreiber-hosted episode.

To kick-off his set, Weezy brought an empowering performance of “Can’t Be Broken,” with Halsey making a surprise appearance to sing on the chorus; Halsey doesn’t appear on ‘Tha Carter V’ version of the song. At the end of the track, Wayne delivered a tribute to the heroic efforts of America’s military saying, “To all the veterans, thank you.”

Watch the full episode here.

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‘Chad Loves Michelle’ Season 1, Episode 2

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Fish Out of Water

In an effort to start rebuilding their relationship, Chad and Michelle take a trip to meet Chad’s family in his small, rural hometown in Colorado. Michelle worries she might not fit in, and things get complicated when a dispute about race arises.

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Paris Bennett Defends Herself Keke Wyatt’s Claims That She Was Her Ex-Husband’s Mistress

Earlier this week, KeKe Wyatt announced that not only was her child cancer-free, she had married a new man, just a year after she told the world that her husband wanted a divorce. Click Here if you missed the story.

Paris addresses Keke Wyatt’s claims she was her ex-husband Michael Jamar mistress and more in a lengthy gram live video. Paris makes it clear this is her last time she will address the situation.

Cliff Notes.

  • At the 1:56 mark, Paris says, “Firstly, let me make a disclaimer and say that this posting and being on this hold thing right now is … “This is a disclaimer this out of respect for children.”
  • “This is out of respect for women in my family and just for everybody that feel like they are apart or whatever.”
  • At the 3:18 mark, Paris says, “What I said tonight is going to be the last time that I address the situation.“We’re going to throw it away and put it in a trashcan.”
  • At the 3:37 mark, Paris says, “I’m sure you have seen or heard the extras that is going on all of the things that been said. “All the back and forth and all that….”
  • Paris continues, “… Everybody like to ride out for their designated individual that they call their fave.”
  • Paris denies being a mistress at the 4:24 mark. “Let me just make clear.”
  • “I am NOT a mistress.” Paris explains, “I did not know the other party…. I did not know the other party passed us seeing each other through professional outings, concerts, and award shows. The first time I met the other party [Keke] along with Michael was in February 2012, that was the first that I have met nor seen them. It was at Lucky Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia it was for open mic and the other party was hosting the event. After that I did not have anything to do with them. Past that till January, so we weren’t friends basically is what I’m making clear. We were not friends.”
  • At the 6:11 mark, Paris says, “I haven’t been at their home I never been to their home. The first I ever seen their home was in recent. But, I have not been there we were not friends, so that is absolutely not true. Leading up the next time I’ve seen them was in January 2016 at The Trumpets Awards 25th anniversary. There I stay long sides of my other singing friends and my uncle Jimmy’s band  called The Big Jim’s Band. There we did sing at the award’s show. So, that’s the case I was a background singer for a lot of singers. But, yes [Keke] did sing. Might I add she’s a great singer. I think she is a fabulous singer. I think she is very talented. I think she is underrated. So, yes I did sing background for her that one time.”
  • At the 9:00 mark, Paris says, “I understand and I get it. I’m a woman, first and foremost. So, I understand emotion…I understand that when you are in a relationship and y’all breakup – I’ve been in breakups. So, when you breakup with someone you’ve spent eons with – years with – I understand that with that comes emotions. I understand that we as women we get emotional and we become bitter and we begin to lash out at what’s the perfect point to lash out to. I don’t owe this, but me being me and out of the respect for the women who have raised me greatly and have given me the best examples of life and out of respect for my daughter, who I love dearly – this has to be said.  I understand and I sympathize with you all the way. I pray for her strength, I pray for her, I pray for happiness for her. I pray for her being a newlywed now cause [Keke’s] newly married.”
  • Paris says, “I hope that one day – down the line – we can all pull it together and be a blended family together and do it for our kids.” “Cause at the end of the day, all that matters is our children and our careers and that’s that.”
























































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