Wendy Williams’ Estranged Husband Reportedly Called the Cops to Her NJ Mansion

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One week after Wendy Williams filed for divorce, her husband Kevin Hunter asked police to come to their home.

On Thursday, Hunter called local law enforcement and asked that they respond to his and Williams’ New Jersey mansion to address members of the media, who were waiting outside.

“The resident says there’s a news van outside his home that won’t leave him alone,” the emergency dispatcher states in dispatched audio obtained by The Blast, referencing Hunter.

An officer then replies, “We spoke with the caller as well as the press — both sides — and explained that they can be in the road and on the sidewalk, but not on their property.”

His call to cops came the same day that a spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show confirmed to PEOPLE that Hunter will no longer executive produce Williams’ daily talk show. Hunter has held an executive producer title for the showsince it debuted in 2008 .

In similar news, Wendy Williams‘ estranged husband had his name removed from the credits of “The Wendy Williams Show” just one day after he finalized his exit from the show.

Previously, both Wendy and Kevin Hunter‘s names appeared in the credits as executive producers. On Friday’s show, only Wendy’s name appeared. (BLAST)

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