Zeus Network Releases ‘The Real Blac Chyna’ Official Supertrailer

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It was previously reported, The show made headlines over the weekend when TMZ reported that Rob Kardashian and his lawyer had sent her a letter prohibiting Dream from appearing on The Real Blac Chyna without his consent. Click Here if you missed that.

“I am excited to set the record straight regarding my life on my own terms. Watching The Real Blac Chyna you will get to see my raw, real and edgy unfiltered life,” she tells PEOPLE in a statement. “The World knows Blac Chyna but before anything I’m Angela White! I am a black woman, a mother, a friend, a lover and a boss. I’m still figuring it out daily like everyone else. I hope watching you’re inspired to not give in. I like to say I’m similar to a Phoenix, I rise. I’m also thrilled to have Lemuel Plummer and Zeus Network as partners on this uncensored look into my world.”

Zeus releases supertrailer for The Real Blac Chyna, the stripper turned reality star and influencer admits she’s struggled in the spotlight

Watch below.

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