About That Life. Trey Songz Threatens An Audience Member At Recent Performance.


Trigga had to remind folks last night he’s about that life.

It all went down when Trey threatens an audience member.
“Be right here… Trey repeated. “Ya’ll can move! ” “Ya’ll can move! ” I own every inch of this shit nigga. You talking from other there nigga. Niagga come on…”

Watch the full clip below.

Peter Thomas Tells His Side Of The Story Over The Altercation With Co Star Matt At A Radio Station.

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A few days ago Matt and Peter came to blows at a radio station.

According to TMZ reports, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ stars Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan threw everything that wasn’t nailed down during a radio interview that looked more like UFC 210.

They dislike each other intensely, so it seems the interview was destined for disaster, and they did not disappoint. Matt threw a water bottle at Peter, then charged him. We’re told they locked up, and Peter scored a takedown, because station staff broke it up.

It was so bad, cops were called and took an assault report from Peter against Matt.

Peter tells his side of the story in an interview with TMZ.

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 9, Episode 18.


The ladies are back home and ready to get down to business. Cynthia shows the Atlanta fashionistas that she’s more than a pretty face, even as Shereé tries to interfere. Kandi starts planning an OLG Restaurant preview, while Phaedra helps Kandi’s former employee seek financial resolution. Porsha decides she’s ready to take her relationship with Todd to the next level. Matt resurfaces, forcing Kenya to make a decision about their future.

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Usher Shows Appreciation To Natural Hair Ladies On The Gram.

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Well alright now Usher I see you playa!

Usher went on social media to put some respeck on the natural hair ladies name.

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Listen to Usher’s message below: