Kiara Simone Accuses Nicki Minaj of Stealing Her Bars on “Barbie Dreams” On ‘Hollywood Unlocked’

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj broke the Internet with her new single Barbie Dreams where she brags about loving and leaving all the top guys in Hip Hop.

Nicki stole some of the lyrics from an up and coming rapper called Kiara Simone….

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Kiara Simone talks about the situation in an interview with ‘Hollywood Unlocked’

Around the 4:14 mark, “ My lyrics were definitely stolen.. Well everyone knows Nicki dropped a song called “Barbie Dreams” and last year I dropped a record called “How To Rob”.  Now mind you that’s posted on YouTube 2017. when we dropped it was on blogs. . People were talking about it and industry, celebrities were reaching out to me  like “Yo, that was dope!”. Reaching out to my manager texting him like “Yo that record…” Everyone  heard the record , so then “Barbie Dreams” drops. And, I’m minding  my own business  just you know enjoying my day and people are hitting me up like “Yo, Did you hear this “Barbie Dreams” record?” “Why she say this line or that line like you said all of these bars are the same as your bars?”.. Let me go check it out so I’m listening to it. I’m like okay that’s my bar. Alright that’s my bar. It happened a couple more times. And, I was like Yo this ain’t right.

At the 5:18 mark Kiara explains what bar was replicated.

Kiara mentions the line “I said, the line about Young Thug wearing a dress. “I said the bar about Drake crying. “I said the bar about DJ Khaled being fat.” “I said 50 Cent and Power”.  I can’t even think of them all. .. That is a thing with me you like you know people were saying “Oh you know maybe ya’ll used the same people. Ya’ll said the same thing.s but she actually knows these people.” 

“My thing is if she knows these people she has more to say about them than I do. So.. Why say the same thing that I said?” Nah… It’s not a coincidence. You got more more things to say about them. Why take my bars? 

The interviewer says, ” Some Nicki fans that have been around for some time would reference her 2007 mix tape ‘Playtime Is Over’ where she originally did ‘Dreams’.

Kiara responds, “Dope mixtape but as I said those lyrics aren’t the same lyrics  as “Barbie Dreams” so people can keep bringing that mixtape all they want to but they are not showing me “Oh those lyrics is the same as “Barbie Dreams” lyrics.  Like, what’s everybody’s point in bringing  the ’07 record when the lyrics are not the same. You put her lyrics next to mine “How To Rob”record lyrics then we could have a conversation…. It is what it is is. You can look up and somebody and turn out to be not what you expected. I can come out and about this Nicki drama blah, blah , blah. I have facts thought to back myself up and I also have talent. So, we can forget about that. We can  get rid of that today i’m going to still be pop  and be hot. Because, of mine talent and who I am as an artist.

Kiara says at the 8:19 mark, “I’m not clout-chasing. I’m just addressing.“I just want my credit where it is due.”

At the 9:17 Kiara says she haven’t got around to listening to Nicki Minaj’s new album ‘Queen’.



Kodak Black Released From Prison After Serving Seven Months

Related image

Kodak Black is bizzack…

Kodak Black was released from Broward County jail early Saturday.

According to reports, The 21-year-old rapper from Pompano Beach was born Dieuson Octave. He legally changed his name while he was in jail and earned his general equivalency diploma.

His first stop after driving away from jail in a black Bentley Bentayga sport utility vehicle with a temporary paper plate was to his mother’s home to see his son

Black had little to say to Local 10 News photojournalist Brian Ely as he left jail.

“I don’t really talk too much,” Black said.

An Instagram video showing marijuana near his son prompted deputies to search his Pembroke Pines home in January. He was arrested and charged with child neglect, grand theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and marijuana possession.

In February, prosecutors dropped the charges of child neglect and grand theft of a firearm. He pleaded not guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and marijuana possession. He still has a pending sexual assault case in South Carolina.



Who Did It Better? Ariana Grande VS. Alicia Keys Tribute to ‘Queen Of Soul’ Aretha Franklin

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Ariana Grande shed a few tears Thursday as she honored Aretha Franklin.

The “No More Tears Left to Cry” singer performed an emotional rendition of “Natural Woman” with house band The Roots on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Alicia Keys also honored the singer with a rendition of the same song Grande performed on “The Tonight Show,” Franklin’s hit “(You make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman.”

In addition to performing the song — during an episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show on Beats 1 on Apple Music — Keys remembered meeting Franklin and spoke about her legacy.

“You start thinking wow, this beautiful and incredible life and woman,” Keys said. “I was listening to her music while I was driving in. She’s so special. I feel sad, but really inspired and celebratory. She was able to touch so many people, divinely. She touched me. Some of my greatest songs were inspired by hers that I loved. Talk about queens — she was definitely the queen. She stepped into the room and everyone bowed down.”

Keys also reminisced about performing with Franklin.

“It was kind of scary to be in her presence, in a good way. When you just know you’re in the presence of greatness. I remember the first time Clive [Davis] asked me to perform with her. She’s one of the greatest of all time, one of the greatest voices. I remember her giving me a lot of love and said she played my songs during her shows. She performed ‘You Don’t Know My Name.’”

Who did it better?

Coco & Ice-T Plan a Unique Baby Shower On ‘David Tutera’s Celebrations’ Season 3, Episode 21


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