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Attorney Michael Avenatti accused of embezzling nearly $2 million that NBA player paid ex-girlfriend

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Embattled attorney Michael Avenatti is now accused of embezzling nearly $2 million intended for the former girlfriend of the Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside, according to a federal indictment.

According to reports, When Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat wired $2.75 million to Michael Avenatti in January 2017, the pro basketball player intended most of the money to go to his former girlfriend, Alexis Gardner.

Avenatti was Gardner’s attorney. An actress and barista, she’d hired him just a few weeks before to negotiate a settlement of a potential lawsuit against Whiteside. It’s unclear what she would have alleged. Avenatti quickly struck a $3-million deal, and the $2.75 million was Whiteside’s first payment.

Avenatti, prosecutors say, was entitled to take just over $1 million in legal fees, leaving the rest for Gardner.

Instead, they allege, Avenatti hid Whiteside’s payment from her and immediately took $2.5 million to buy a share of a private jet.

The full story of Avenatti’s alleged embezzlement from Gardner came to light in bank records and in the April 10 indictment of the Los Angeles lawyer by a federal grand jury in Santa Ana.

The 36-count indictment, which spans an array of alleged financial crimes, identifies Whiteside as “Individual 1” and Gardner as “Client 2.”

“We entered into a mutually agreed upon settlement more than two years ago following the end of our relationship; a settlement that reflected Alexis’ investment of time and support over a number of years as Hassan pursued a career in the NBA,” Whiteside and Gardner told the Los Angeles Times in a statement released by his agent.

Cardi B’s Legal Server Threatened By Blogger Tasha K

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Back in March, Cardi B sues vloggers Latasha K and Starmarie Ebony Jones over outrageous claims regarding her health and character. Latasha, who operates a blog titled unWinewithTashaK, reportedly disparaged Cardi in a total of 23 videos posted over the span of 14 months. Click Here if you missed that.

The problem is that one of the bloggers who was served papers to appear in court reportedly threatened the innocent person who delivered the court summons.

According to TMZ reports, Tasha K said she was in her legal right to shoot server in the head who delivered the legal documents to her home.

You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion as they pull up to their home. Tasha got pissed because she says the guy was in her driveway, looking through her mail.

Although she was pissed, he does his job … handing her the docs and delivering the line, “You’ve been served.” Tasha responded by informing him she’s within her rights to “blow something in your head.”

The server assures her he didn’t do anything illegal, but Tasha wasn’t having it.

Listen to the audio here.

‘Family or Fiancé’ Season 1, Episode 8

Sumer and Keith: The Widower & The Wild Child

When a spirited young business woman falls hopelessly in love with an older man who suffered a tragic loss, both their families worry that their impending union may be more about filling a void then fulfilling a life together.

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‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’ Season 1, Episode 8

A Bond That Will Never Be Broken

Britten has to make a difficult decision that will have repercussions for both her family and the ladies. Now that the ladies are in a better place, Imani throws a rooftop event to celebrate the African American medical community.

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